Black Mage

Extremely powerful mage, founder and sometime leader of the Black Mage Society, and it's associated magic academy.


Stats, unknown.
“When other mages begin to tire, he’s just warming up.” (quote from a Survivor of the last tolkeen evacuation)

Weapons / Gear… He’s often seen wearing a long black cape, that draws around in front to conceal the rest of himself, it has a hood which is used more often than not. Otherwise, unknown. He has been seen to carry a long gnarled wooden staff from time to time, but no one really knows if it is actually a weapon or just an aging man’s walking stick.

He’s a strong silent type, does whatever he wants to, whenever he wants to. This is frequently bad for the Coalition, but he has never been one for patterns. Perhaps it’s time for that to end too.

He is known to be a master of Rifts and Lightning. Many also suspect that he is talented at disguising his abilities and his strengths, and perhaps even illusions.


He’s the #1 most wanted of the Coalition Empire. Wanted or hunted by almost every major government in what remains of the old american empire, he still adventures when and where he chooses. Few assassins are dumb enough to try to take him alone… for that matter, most merc battalions would turn down the job. That being said, for reasons no one really understands, few people recognize Black Mage until he’s walking away, and by then it’s too late to stop him.

He can be very self centered, but usually with the long view in mind. Since his earliest days in the public eye, he has collected strong magic users around himself which eventually formed the core of his [[Black Mage Society]], many of whom are now instructors in their areas of expertise at the academy that he founded.

He is unfathomably rich from an unknown number of years being an interdimensional traveler and sometime smuggler, which is part of how he managed to fund this academy, and encourage it’s growth so rapidly. Another part of it’s growth, is that Black Mage has discovered how to create a rift and bind it to an object so that it is always open. There are several of these doorways from the academy to various places around the megaverse, as well as a small staff of rifters standing by to aid travelers on their way. Consequently, the Portal Room is now a major transportation crossroad.

Black Mage

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