Amateur Info Hunters

Tracing the Mercenaries

In an extended semi-friendly conversation with the Mike ‘Damaged Goods’ the last survivor of the attack on the coalition envoy, the party discovered that his company had shared leadership. A tactical leader, who led the field teams, … and died in the attack on the envoy, and a strategic leader who lined up jobs, decided what would be needed to do them, and ran the paper/office portions of the company.

The party, lacking any other leads into who setup the attack on us, decided to investigate the headquarters of his company Raven Knights.

Zoe infiltrated the HQ through the ventilation system, and acquired some surveillance photos of the layout, and enough of an idea of daytime activities to guide the rest of the party in. After a brief discussion with the rest of the party, Jake decided that a second solo infiltration was the best chance the party had at learning more about The Family through the Raven Knights. Jake successfully ghosted into the building through the north wall, and made it undetected to a currently unoccupied office. He scanned through the computer system and discovered a full list and dossiers on all of the past, present, and prospective employees of the Raven Knights organization. Jake made a copy of the files and transferred them onto his personal computer, then ghosted back out of the building with none of the guards the wiser.



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