Amateur Info Hunters

Exploiting the Theft

While pawing through the personnel files drawn from the Raven Knights, it occurs to Jake that a highly rated explosives expert might have been hired for the bomb that nearly wiped out the party. If they tracked one down, and they weren’t involved, they might be able to recognize the work of whoever had been involved.
Jake found that the longest employed demolitions expert was a man by the name of Horrace. Jake decided that he wanted to track down this man and ‘ask’ if he’d been involved in the attack directed at the part. He set up a scheme with Chu’Gil to attempt to scare him into talking, then set out to find the man. He had no home address listed in his personnel file, so they went back to the HQ and followed him toward his home until he got off the main roads, then sprang their makeshift fear trap.

Meanwhile Maedvh and Vera separated from the group to search up other avenues of information on the family. Maedvh’s first plan was to go downtown to the castle, and take a look around, intending to find out what the coalition envoy was up to. The guard turned them away though, if somewhat regretfully. Public is only allowed access to the castle once a month, during the guided tour, and this months tour would be in three days.
Maedvh and Vera moved away from the castle, and entered a renowned Tavern on the north side of the town square, there to find out whatever they could about what was going on in town, and in the region.

Jake and Chu’gils trap went off without a hitch, and while Jake and chugil questioned the man, Zoe busied herself with stealing everything she could out of his external pouch/fannypack. Zoe collected a grenade, an armed bomb, and a set of keys. Horrace turned out not to have been involved with the bombing, and was willing enough to assist in the hunt for the culprit, once Jake had established that his intent was not robbery.
(He remained oblivious to the presence of Zoe and her theft)

At Jake’s suggestion, the conversation was moved to a more private location. Horrace offered his home, knowing that it was trapped and rigged to blow, no sane person would ever attempt something against him there. During the course of the conversation the party discovered that almost every person of import in the city was angered by the explosive detonated that night, and anyone to bring the perpetrator to a swift violent end would likely gain friends in high places, if not outright rewards. Horrace could not help identify the bomber, he strongly beleives that whoever planted the device was from far away.
The conversation also led the party to believe that the kings adviser on all things transportation is a member of the family. A man by the name of Aaron Blackstar, whom Jake has sworn that the party would investigate fully. Jake convinced Horrace to supply the party with explosives should they decide they needed them. Jake opted to inform Horrace of Zoe’s pilfering of explosives, and Horrace said to keep them as a sign of good faith.

Meanwhile Zoe wandered off to explore the house in an attempt to ascertain what her newfound keychain opens. She discovered a large gunsafe loaded with obsessively organized bombmaking supplies, and some cash. Taking the cash, and loading as much of the bomb making supplies as she could carry into a backpack, she wandered back out of the house, dodging traps all the way in and out, while Jake unwittingly ran distractionary cover.



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