Amateur Info Hunters

Day 2: Questioning the Vanquished

Jake Lebron and Maedvh Alexandra Freeholder questioned the captive Gary Richards about his involvement with The Family. Satisfied with his answers, Maedvh Alexandra Freeholder wandered off alone to track the badly wounded Duke Richards, to give him medical aid. Jake Lebron continued to question Gary Richards after her departure, and managed to enlist his aid in return for his life. Gary will put 10% of his earnings toward charities and good causes, at least 5% of which should be local to wherever he is working at the time. In addition he agreed to set aside an additional 5% to an investment in the business, to be reclaimed at some future time by Jake.

After this was done, Jake gave Gary 6,000 credits to rebuild his goon squad, restart his smuggling operations, and see to whatever surgeries Duke would need to recover from the loss of his hand.

Gary then took Duke in his arms, and ran with all bionic speed to the nearest hospital.

The party took the quickest route they could find back to Ravensville, traveling through the night. They put themselves up for the day in the inn, resting up for the next leg of the journey. In the afternoon, when they convened for a meal, they met up with a veiled female elf named Vera. Maedvh listened to her story, and invited her to join the party, as her personal search would drag her through many of the same areas the party expects to have to travel to.

The party also tracked down the local branch of the Black Mage Society, and reported their current progress back to Jak.

Richards also gave the party information on his one contact with The Family. He apparently does business with other people as well. His contact uses him occasionally to smuggle goods into and out of the small free kingdom of Worth, and the party collectively agreed that Worth should be the next destination on the journey.



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