Amateur Info Hunters

Day 1: Adventure

an excerpt from Maedvh's journal

I’m not sure what to think of Jake. I think, he might grow on me, but his attitude doesn’t really mesh well with me. I wonder what sorts of other deals he’ll broker behind my back? Still, I can see where his intentions, if not good, could be used that way. If only he would temper his hand… Goody two shoes I may be, unrealistic I am not.

The monkey I like well enough, she’s a spunky little spitfire, which I can totally respect.

A new member joined us, named Vera. I haven’t asked her for specifics, but she’s looking for someone, or something, and to me it seemed safer to offer her our escort. She has no idea where she’s going anyways, and she’s apparently some variety of mage. Since we don’t have one of those, well I suppose in a limited sense Chu-gil is a mage, but he’s a wild card and I don’t know whether to trust him or not.

On the road again. I’m the only one with transportation besides my feet apparently.



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