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Welcome to the Federation of Magic!

(please try to watch your step, we do get tired of cleaning up the grease spots)

This campaign will be running on wednesday nights, from 7pm est, until perhaps as late as 12, or whenever players/GM start falling asleep. Most of the players involved are people I have known personally for years, and GMed for more than once, however, I am open to inviting one or two fun loving players. A sense of humor is a must, and a passing familiarity with Rifts RPG would not be amiss. We do not yet have a start date set, as I have lots of work to do yet setting up the story and associated characters.

Character creation guidelines.


Principled – banned. The king has weeded out those incapable of making difficult decisions
Scrupulous – highly unlikely, same reason
Unprincipled – possible, pending the following ‘assured loyalty’ clause would fit into the character’s backstory
Anarchist – ditto
Aberrant – most likely alignment to be selected for this mission, provided the loyalty clause fits in the backstory
Miscreant – possible. it would be handy to have someone unhindered when it comes to getting their hands dirty, provided that their loyalty to the king could not be impugned
Diabolical – banned. there is no way to trust the loyalty of someone this twisted.

Assured loyalty clause

If there is some way to add this phrase to the end of your backstory and make it beleivable, there is a good chance your character idea will pass muster.
insert name here grew up in, and has spent the last 6 (or more) years of their life in dedicated service to the Dweomer City, and has faithfully guarded it’s secret”
(I unsderstand that some people feel the desire to travel, and perhaps have even studied for years at a time elsewhere in the megaverse, but the king is searching very carefully for a team he can trust with knowledge and power that could corrupt lesser people)

OCC Restrictions

Almost anything goes. If you can give me a plausible backstory as to how/why someone born and raised deep in the Federation of Magic has been trained as a ninja, run with it. Things I will ban off the bat, are something totally reliant on a super rare technology not found in the federation, such as a robot pilot Occ, and something that no federation citizen would ever trust, like a former coalition soldier.

Dice pool

Everyone loves powerplay characters, but I find characters to be more realistic/fun if they have flaws. For example, childhood trauma, random insanity, obsession, or drug addiction. Although taking into account the trust issues of this mission I think we can rule out starting with an insanity, and quite likely the king might bypass someone who was substance dependant. If you can think of a downside or drawback that works with your back story, feel free to add 1d6 to the stat of your choice in exchange.
Otherwise, add 1d6 to the stat of your choice, and remove 1d6 from the stat of your choice. (keep in mind minimum requirements of your class choice, and remember not all races start with 3 across the board)

A word on Skill selection

The entire campaign is intended to take place in at least semi-settled territory, so wilderness survival skills not mandated by OCC, are not really necessary. Skills that help you in a populated area, to acquire, move, manipulate, and influence the people, places, and things around you will probably become relevant. Also, I’m adding a level of difficulty based on shooting targets at ranges above 75 yards, so if you happen to use a gun, the sniper skill will be relevant.

Character survival

I have never killed a player character that didn’t really have it coming. To that end, I have discovered a chart on the likelyhood of surviving a small amount of mega-damage… the odds are poor to be sure. That being said, I don’t want to pull any punches either. If you get a direct hit by fireball, and you fail to have any form of defenses up, you might want to pull out your dice pool and start rolling up a replacement.



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