Amateur Info Hunters

Journal of White Mage, Black Mages Evil Twin

Journal Day 1: I stepped through the portal into a vast room. There were others there, but the man directly in front of me was far too familiar. He explained to me that though he had contemplated trying to contact a parallel universe before, but never really had the opportunity. There was only one issue. Part of the spell had backlashed, and my memory was shot. I could remember my magic, but nothing from my history or own personal life. I could tell immediately that this man would be my equal, and decided to learn from him as much as I can to try to rebuild my memory.

Journal Day 10: His mastery over people is impressive. They all seem to follow his direction without question. Has he dominated them? Has he simply manipulated part of their minds so that they believe he is actually good? He knows he can’t hide from me, and I can figure out what his overall plan is. He wants to rule the world. This bothers me. Not that I think I would be better ruling his world, but how can he just decide he should rule over all. Thoughts like this, make me feel like I might be . . . good?

Journal Day 14: He has seen my thoughts. I don’t know when or how, but he has suddenly distanced himself from me. He knows I’m on to him, and I need to flee before he stops my access to the portal rooms.

Journal Day 23: I have found allies to attempt to take him from his academy. I was uneasy at first, but I think they have proven their worth, and I should do my best to help them defend themselves against the menace that is my double in this world.

Journal Day 26: I have seen it in their eyes as well. The evil within. I need to find myself a place to hide away, and prepare to save them all from themselves.

Journal Day 28: I knew what their reaction would be, except that of my twin. I sent the communications to all of them. They were all shocked and extremely upset, but not unexpected. BM’s surprised me, he didn’t say anything. He simply sighed and ended the communication. Not like they can stop me. There is no way they can find me where I am. Soon enough they will be saved from their own evil.

Journal Day 31: He forced me to do it. He found my hiding place. I should have known he could think like me and find me. His team wiped out my defenses. I knew I couldn’t handle all of them. Luckily they weren’t prepared for the spell chamber to have the trap door into the molten lava. With my archenemy gone, I can now easily finish my work and destroy this entire plane of existence.

An excerpt from Maedvh's journal

Late night watch patrol. I took the least desirable (halfway through the night) to keep an eye on our truck. It’s quiet here in Jurgen, and today has been eventful. The journaling will help keep me from falling back asleep.
Today we completed the mission against the vehicle convoy coming to the Ravens. There’s no sense denying it was basically a slaughter. I’m fairly certain I ended the lives of some 6 citizens (I didn’t stop and check to see if they were male or female), and aided in the death of the rest, save for the two (?) that we managed to salvage from the debacle.
Not that these were upright moral men, mind you, but…surely there must have been a better answer? I’m sure this is something every cyberknight deals with at some point, and they had ample time to surrender themselves to us. Still, I regret those lives I took and the ones that yet linger may still yet die. Jake and I continue to be at odds in how we deal with things, and I suspect this will be an ongoing battle. No surprise there, really.
We managed to get the survivor and the wounded to Jurgen with Jake driving without too much difficulty, though I was surely praying to whichever Goddess happened to be listening at the time to see us through Jake’s initial gambit with the truck. We managed to find a competent doctor (surprisingly) in the town’s bar and he managed to stabilize the wounded victim. We’ll let the other man stew for a bit while I figure out what exactly we need from him. Perhaps he can be persuaded to join us? I’d certainly hate to have to kill both of them when we’re finished, and that hardly seems the morally correct option.
sigh Maybe He was right, but I’d never admit it, and having him standing over my shoulder to make these moral decisions for me wouldn’t help anyways. It’s something I’ll have to face sooner or later, and I think I’m prepared for it, though…maybe no one ever is.
I have to admit I miss being at home, just a bit.

battle 2

The Party traveled in two borrowed vehicles with two coerced drivers to the midway fort, in order to intercept the weekly convoy for Worth. The plan concocted primarily by Jake was to scout the area, plant mines in the approach route, that was marked by a notable lack of debris in an otherwise ruined area, then wait around in the bushes and trees that lined the roadway.

Maedvh led a scout/assault mission into the midway fort with only hiredgun1 as her support. She destroyed one robotic defensive emplacement, and bypassed the outer wall, then checked over the supplies, looting one suit of medium weight body armor, and a half dozen E-clips which she later dispensed mostly to Jake.

Full on ambush ensued with the arrival of the convoy. They had already taken some rather obvious battle damage, so when an organized ambush awaited where they thought to be finally safe, most of them just tried to cut and run on foot, hoping to radio and be rescued later. After a few seconds of combat, when the ambush party was revealed to be vastly outnumbered, most of the fleeing drivers/guards took cover and returned fire. One driver, and one badly wounded guard are all that survived the battle.

Three of the vehicles had functional weapons in hidden overhead emplacements, all were destroyed during the battle. 3 of the vehicles suffered disabling damage, and will need replacement parts/tires before they can be moved, and a fourth was on fire after seconds of battle, none are as yet completely destroyed.

transportation debacle

The party realized that they had a little over a day and a half to cover over a hundred miles, the only member with a vehicle was Maedvh and her horse aedghal and no one knew how to operate any kind of vehicle. There was some disagreement about who should be contacted about the party getting a ride, suggestions included revisiting the disgruntled bomb tech from the raven knights, getting a ride with the raven convoy itself, hiring a third party mercenary, hiring a taxi, buying horses for the party, renting a truck and attempting to drive it ourselves, and waiting for next weeks convoy.
Once again, the party failed to reach one viable conclusion to satisfy all comers, so Jake and Chugil opted for one path, while vera and maedvh opted for another. Now there will be two vehicles headed out to the meeting point before the convoys, one a raven knights vehicle commandeered from HQ by an angry but cooperative Horace, and the other a vehicle is sponsored by Goon Squad, a rival of the Ravens who has struggled for business ever since the Ravens got the unofficial favored status they now enjoy with the king.

The Argume-I mean planning session

The party as a whole had a lengthy and somewhat colorful ‘discussion’ about how to proceed. Eventually they settled on going to the mid way fort ahead of the Raven Knights, and trying to catch the ghost truck alone. The intent being, capture the cargo of the ghost truck intact, find out what is being shipped covertly into or through worth, and then question the drivers/guards of the ghost truck as to where they came from, and where they’re taking the goods.
The party briefly tossed around the ideas of Attacking the Ghost truck after it breaks away from the convoy near Worth, that was declined, perhaps because of the proximity to the city;but it has not been completely ruled out as a secondary plan should the ghost truck arrive at the mid point with the other trucks close enough to lend support.

To: Nick Bearstormer
An excerpt from Maedvh's Journal

Sir Bearstormer,

I know you are following me, on my trail. This letter is to inform you of the information we have managed to gather.
Aaron Blackstar, the adviser to King James II of Worth, is a member of the Family. This has been proven without a doubt by a combination of the Mercenary group the Raven Knights, and a contract lifted by my compatriot Zoe.
They are smuggling goods or slaves (we don’t know which) into Worth. They’ve also ambushed a peaceful ambassador from the Coalition. Of course, I’ve alerted the Coalition to the presence of the Family in Worth, and I believe they will be seeking a time in which to remove Blackstar (at least) from the equation.
I believe the city of Worth is in need of aid, but I am not capable of doing what is necessary. I know you are up to the task, and to set your mind at ease about my safety, I will inform you of my current plans and direction in the hopes that you will take the time to help Worth.
Currently, we are following some leads that head back towards Coalition territory. I know how much you love dealing with Coalition so it is my hope that you will not follow. I am in the company of Jake, the (human?) ghoster, Chu’Gil, the ogre mage, Vera, the fire Mage, and Zoe, the monkey-spy.
I know you disagree with my choice of action, and I hope in time you will understand my reasoning, and perhaps forgive me. I will always be your student, if not your friend.

::attatched is a copy of the contract between the Raven Knights and Aaron Blackstar, as well as a full detailed report on the conversation with Joris. ::

asking "politely"

As discussed, the party split once again to pursue multiple goals at one time. Maedvh wanted to ask the new leader of the Raven Knights politely about what they were up to, and anything he might know about Aaron Blackstar. Jake wanted to ask the same questions… but with a fist.

Jake and Chugil went to the home of the new second in command, a paper pusher from a rundown appartment complex on the wrong side of town, with no notion at all what physical security should look like. Jake snuck in, while chugil waited outside the door for the guy to return home from work. Chugil followed him up to his appartment, while invisible, blocking the exit. Jake waited for the man to relax, then popped out of his TV set scaring the man half to death.
Between Jake’s fear tactics, and Chugil’s reappearance, the man cried for his life, and answered every question put to him with a high pitched whiney stammer.
They learned that this guy didnt know all the info they wanted, but that the Ravens were responsible for Aaron’s shipments into town from the coalition territories, and that there was a seventh truck never accounted for on official reports.

Maedvh hatched a plan B on her way over to the home of the new commander, a scrawny business suit named Joris, just in case he decided to try something stupid. He failed to recognize the two women from the news cast a few nights previous, and instead presumed that he was entertaining a few overly curious weirdos from some reporter agency. He grew suspicious at the pointed questions about the Ravens shady dealings and the possibility that the Ravens premier client might be a member of the notorious “Family”, but Maedvh convinced the man that he had nothing to fear from the girls.
Joris decided that if the girls and Aaron ended up on opposite sides of a disagreement, it could only end in his favor, so he let go his reservations, and told them all that he knew about the Ravens current situation with Aaron. The only solid proof they have of Aaron’s questionable dealings is a signed contract linking Aaron to the weekly shipments of goods from the coalition territories to the north. Joris further explained that only 6 trucks originate from Fort Eldorado (coalition megacity/fortress), and about the “ghost truck” that joined the convoy south after it left coalition territory, and before it entered the Ravens jurisdiction, and how that truck never enters the official records anywhere, and no Raven is known to have ever seen the contents. He also explained how the convoy is protected half the journey by small local squad of mercs based in the coalition border town of Jurgen, and that the midway meeting point is a lightly fortified position over what used to be a settlement.
The identifying feature of the settlement is a 35ft tall sign post, holding a sign that shows a black 66 in front of a red and white backdrop. the buildings around this ‘settlement’ were once decrepit, but have been rebuilt and stocked so that either merc corp could be delayed by inevitable encounters with unfriendly forces, and the other group could hold up for a while on neutral ground.
Joris ended the evening by wishing the crazy ladies luck with their goals, only recognizing maedvh’s wanted status after she redonned her helmet, he decided not to press his luck unarmored against someone who could apparently flaunt a coalition wanted add.

Meanwhile, Zoe manages a daring escape from the castle by sneaking into the kitchens, and stowing away in a packing container used to bring in the nights feast. As the trash was taken out, so was she, and a short while later Zoe managed to make it back to the empty hideout while the rest of the party ran their errands.

  • That night, the Worth news buletin announced the arrival of an old but very well known Cyberknight known as Nick, the Bearstormer.
To Whom it May Concern
An Excerpt from Maedvh's Journal

Mr. Jenkins.
I apologize first and foremost for not addressing you by proper order, I did not catch your assigned status within the Coalition Hierarchy.
It has come to my attention that the information I sought on one Aaron Blackstar, member of the Family, can hopefully be verified through one Joris. He is newly appointed leader of the Raven Knights. His knowledge on Blackstar was limited (due to his short term in office), but he was willing to give me tips on certain “suspicious” ghost shipments coming and going from the Coalition State. The shipments join the legitimate Coalition transport near Jurgen. I will be following up on the specifics of this lead.
It behooves me to remind you that I have no solid proof as yet as to Aaron Blackstar’s involvement in any of this, but should you be admitted to HRM’s (his royal majesty’s) court, here is his description. (she describes Blackstar in detail in the following paragraph).
With any luck the next update sent your way will have solid evidence.

Sir Maedvh

Epic Planning Session

Chu’gil and Jake take the information acquired by the tour of the castle, and explore the town looking for agents of the Black Mage Society to transmit the info to Jak. The city/state of worth is rather large, and mage friendly, so it takes little time at all to find someone who knows how to contact the academy. They inform Jak of Marl Harris/Aaron Blackstar, and his politically protected position. Jak lets them know that payment will be delivered as soon as the information can be verified.

  • Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the party, Maedvh leaves the hideout and heads directly over to the Coalition Entourage building. In an attempt to clear herself and Vera from the coalitions watch list, and potentially cause trouble for Aaron Blackstar at the same time, she strikes up a wary but not overtly threatening conversation with the senior military representative onsite. A few short minutes later, the coalition are enlightened about the identity of a new cyberknight in the area, and very intrigued about the potential involvement of an enemy of the state in Worth politics.**

The boys head back to the hideout and discuss where to go next. Jake and Chugil briefly discuss an attempt to rescue Zoe, who is still in the castle, but then they remember she has a radio. Calling her to find out her position and escape prospects, they discover that she has already worked out an escape plan, but it will take some time to enact, and that they just have to wait it out. Jake and Chugil both put forward potential next steps for the party, but it is Maedvh’s idea to track down the head of the Raven Knights and ask directly what’s going on between them and Aaron Blackstar, and to try to get an idea of where to go next.

Notes from the Black Mage

Jak enters and Black Mage looks up from his computer display.

“I assume you need something,” Black Mage askes distractedly.

“I have a couple members, but one has got himself locked up in his own personal castle basically,” Jax counters. “Its out of the league of our onsite team, and my operatives in the area are otherwise occupied.”

“Contact ”/campaigns/info-hunters/characters/shadow" class=“wiki-content-link”>Shadow, tell her to make an example of him. Update me when its done." BM looks back at his screen as Jax turns and leaves.

“Yu,” BM says after a couple minutes.

Yu, the Acedemy AI appears in front of him. “Yes master,”

“Send a message to Nick. Tell him to hurry, a shitstorm is coming”

“Yes Master,” says Yu as she flashes out of sight.


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