Amateur Info Hunters

Day 1, the assignment

Chu’Gil, Zoe, and Jake made an arrangement with Jak, and will be paid one million credits for the information on who and where are the leaders of the crime syndicate The Family. Exception was made to the payment on completion nature of the quest, and Jak allowed that updates as discoveries were made would enable him to release a small percentage of the total funds in advance.

The young cyber-knight Maedvh Alexandra Freeholder was in the portal room with a guard when the party prepared for departure. She jumped through with the party against the guard’s wishes.

Jaks pre arranged rift location dropped the party +1 outside a small desert community, where they discovered a peculiar statue of a woman wearing a matching pair of laser pistols, and a bartender loaded with opinions and useful information.

Following the tips from the bartender, the party headed into the desert, and on the second day arrived at the home of Gary Richards, known member of The Family. Jake and Zoe had a look around, but discovered little about the enemy other than thier locations, and the layout of the facility. The party ambushed the facility, and after a brief fight, there was only one casualty. Three enemies ran off into the desert, in two different directions.

Gary Richards was captured by Chu’ Gil, and Maedvh Alexandra Freeholder rescued an as yet unknown slave girl.

Maedvh's Journal 1
preparation for adventure

Images 1

They never would have let me go. Trainiing with Nick was one thing, but actually going and using my training against monsters, the Family, or heaven forbid the Coalition? Hah! Yeah right. If they had their way it would be “Maedvh, stay home and keep your little brother out of trouble”. I know how that would go. As much as he needs tending until he learns some self control, I don’t see why they can’t hire a more qualified Nanny.

So when I heard about the job it was a perfect time. Time to leave, to pack up, and show them that I really am an adult. I borrowed a gun, packed the things I’d bought for training, saddled Aodhghal and got out of the house.

I really did have to go. I just hope that when I come back… well maybe Nick will look at me different, and…

Well. He would never anyways. I have better things to do now.

Its not for the money, or for the fame, but its what is right.

The Adventure Begins
Quest setup

A very powerful, and renowned mage, Jak has announced quietly to the adventuring world that he wants a party of unknown adventurers to discreetly locate and identify the man in charge of the organized crime syndicate The Family. Or all involved if there is some form of shared power structure.

To this end, he has posted a million credit reward for any small group of unknowns who can bring this information to him.


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