Amateur Info Hunters

Epic Planning Session

Chu’gil and Jake take the information acquired by the tour of the castle, and explore the town looking for agents of the Black Mage Society to transmit the info to Jak. The city/state of worth is rather large, and mage friendly, so it takes little time at all to find someone who knows how to contact the academy. They inform Jak of Marl Harris/Aaron Blackstar, and his politically protected position. Jak lets them know that payment will be delivered as soon as the information can be verified.

  • Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the party, Maedvh leaves the hideout and heads directly over to the Coalition Entourage building. In an attempt to clear herself and Vera from the coalitions watch list, and potentially cause trouble for Aaron Blackstar at the same time, she strikes up a wary but not overtly threatening conversation with the senior military representative onsite. A few short minutes later, the coalition are enlightened about the identity of a new cyberknight in the area, and very intrigued about the potential involvement of an enemy of the state in Worth politics.**

The boys head back to the hideout and discuss where to go next. Jake and Chugil briefly discuss an attempt to rescue Zoe, who is still in the castle, but then they remember she has a radio. Calling her to find out her position and escape prospects, they discover that she has already worked out an escape plan, but it will take some time to enact, and that they just have to wait it out. Jake and Chugil both put forward potential next steps for the party, but it is Maedvh’s idea to track down the head of the Raven Knights and ask directly what’s going on between them and Aaron Blackstar, and to try to get an idea of where to go next.

Notes from the Black Mage

Jak enters and Black Mage looks up from his computer display.

“I assume you need something,” Black Mage askes distractedly.

“I have a couple members, but one has got himself locked up in his own personal castle basically,” Jax counters. “Its out of the league of our onsite team, and my operatives in the area are otherwise occupied.”

“Contact ”/campaigns/info-hunters/characters/shadow" class=“wiki-content-link”>Shadow, tell her to make an example of him. Update me when its done." BM looks back at his screen as Jax turns and leaves.

“Yu,” BM says after a couple minutes.

Yu, the Acedemy AI appears in front of him. “Yes master,”

“Send a message to Nick. Tell him to hurry, a shitstorm is coming”

“Yes Master,” says Yu as she flashes out of sight.

XP totals added to char sheets

XP math is updated, i’ll post the ## to you char sheets. If you have questions feel free to voice them in chat next session, preferably before or after gametime. i’ll try to answer them as best I can.

The Castle : An entry from Maedvh's Journal

So we went to the Castle today. I have a plan, but I’m not sure how the rest of the group would feel about it since it involves some people that no one else gets along with. I don’t even know if I’ll bring it up but…
We’ve accomplished what we wanted here, so Jak will be pleased at least- we found the head of the family organization here and know where he’s operating. My personal desires would lead me to stay here and take care of the matter personally since it deals with something so abhorrent. But with the wolves on our heels, I won’t be able to take personal time to deal with it.

However…I think perhaps I might be able to goad the wolves into dealing with this. That would give me time to follow up on the Family matters.


However we still need the next city and contact info. After I deal with the Ambassador, we’ll figure out where to go from there.

Tthe Tour

Jake opts to guard the safehouse while the rest of the party attends the monthly public tour of the castle and grounds. Chugil decides to make himself useful by asking questions with both heads, as fast as he can come up with them. His questions start out as inane distractionary attempts, but as he gets the tour guide talking, he started asking more and more loaded questions. Maedvh made herself useful by staying under the radar and photographing everything like a good tourist… with special attention to the king’s advisor Aaron Blackstar, and the castle layout and security.
Vera had a flash of recognition for a sleazy looking man whom the tour guide identified later as Bax T. Abby, a mission organizer associated with Armageddon Unlimited.
Vera has no idea how she knows this man, only that she was very afraid that he might look up at any moment and recognize her, and that would be somehow very bad for her. She quickly decided that ducking her head and continuing on with the tour like nothing was wrong was the best way to avoid drawing attention.
Zoe wandered off on her own to recon the areas of the castle that the tour did not cover. Using her espionage skills and her natural agility, and with the aid of chu’gil’s distractions, Zoe got away easily from the party and managed to avoid most of the castle security while investigating the royal chambers, and the communications center; quick thinking got her out of the trouble caused by tripping one alarm. She however, remains trapped in the castle, after the tour ended, and the rest of the party was guided back off the premises.


So, since I know dan is bad about this sort of thing, we’ll be doing RIFTS on thursday instead of Vampire. We’ll be busy tonight with the Holiday, so we’ll see you all on Thursday. Vampire will resume on the usual day next week.


Exploiting the Theft

While pawing through the personnel files drawn from the Raven Knights, it occurs to Jake that a highly rated explosives expert might have been hired for the bomb that nearly wiped out the party. If they tracked one down, and they weren’t involved, they might be able to recognize the work of whoever had been involved.
Jake found that the longest employed demolitions expert was a man by the name of Horrace. Jake decided that he wanted to track down this man and ‘ask’ if he’d been involved in the attack directed at the part. He set up a scheme with Chu’Gil to attempt to scare him into talking, then set out to find the man. He had no home address listed in his personnel file, so they went back to the HQ and followed him toward his home until he got off the main roads, then sprang their makeshift fear trap.

Meanwhile Maedvh and Vera separated from the group to search up other avenues of information on the family. Maedvh’s first plan was to go downtown to the castle, and take a look around, intending to find out what the coalition envoy was up to. The guard turned them away though, if somewhat regretfully. Public is only allowed access to the castle once a month, during the guided tour, and this months tour would be in three days.
Maedvh and Vera moved away from the castle, and entered a renowned Tavern on the north side of the town square, there to find out whatever they could about what was going on in town, and in the region.

Jake and Chu’gils trap went off without a hitch, and while Jake and chugil questioned the man, Zoe busied herself with stealing everything she could out of his external pouch/fannypack. Zoe collected a grenade, an armed bomb, and a set of keys. Horrace turned out not to have been involved with the bombing, and was willing enough to assist in the hunt for the culprit, once Jake had established that his intent was not robbery.
(He remained oblivious to the presence of Zoe and her theft)

At Jake’s suggestion, the conversation was moved to a more private location. Horrace offered his home, knowing that it was trapped and rigged to blow, no sane person would ever attempt something against him there. During the course of the conversation the party discovered that almost every person of import in the city was angered by the explosive detonated that night, and anyone to bring the perpetrator to a swift violent end would likely gain friends in high places, if not outright rewards. Horrace could not help identify the bomber, he strongly beleives that whoever planted the device was from far away.
The conversation also led the party to believe that the kings adviser on all things transportation is a member of the family. A man by the name of Aaron Blackstar, whom Jake has sworn that the party would investigate fully. Jake convinced Horrace to supply the party with explosives should they decide they needed them. Jake opted to inform Horrace of Zoe’s pilfering of explosives, and Horrace said to keep them as a sign of good faith.

Meanwhile Zoe wandered off to explore the house in an attempt to ascertain what her newfound keychain opens. She discovered a large gunsafe loaded with obsessively organized bombmaking supplies, and some cash. Taking the cash, and loading as much of the bomb making supplies as she could carry into a backpack, she wandered back out of the house, dodging traps all the way in and out, while Jake unwittingly ran distractionary cover.

Tracing the Mercenaries

In an extended semi-friendly conversation with the Mike ‘Damaged Goods’ the last survivor of the attack on the coalition envoy, the party discovered that his company had shared leadership. A tactical leader, who led the field teams, … and died in the attack on the envoy, and a strategic leader who lined up jobs, decided what would be needed to do them, and ran the paper/office portions of the company.

The party, lacking any other leads into who setup the attack on us, decided to investigate the headquarters of his company Raven Knights.

Zoe infiltrated the HQ through the ventilation system, and acquired some surveillance photos of the layout, and enough of an idea of daytime activities to guide the rest of the party in. After a brief discussion with the rest of the party, Jake decided that a second solo infiltration was the best chance the party had at learning more about The Family through the Raven Knights. Jake successfully ghosted into the building through the north wall, and made it undetected to a currently unoccupied office. He scanned through the computer system and discovered a full list and dossiers on all of the past, present, and prospective employees of the Raven Knights organization. Jake made a copy of the files and transferred them onto his personal computer, then ghosted back out of the building with none of the guards the wiser.

A conversation continued

Mike shrugged, took the mug and sighed, “Well, most my friends were signing up, and it seemed like the thing to do.”
She sighed and nodded, “I hear that a lot. I take it it was a decent job?”
“Paid the bills, mosta time.” He sipped hers, decided that she must be stuffed shirt to turn down the beer, and started in on her mug.
“how long you been a merc?”
“few years, give or take.” He didn’t really look much older than twenty, but money was money, however you made it, she supposed.
“What do you know about your company? There wasn’t much of it left…You had a commander?”
He snorted a bit, looking down in the mug, “Yeah, we had two, a field commander as it were, and a paper commander. Th’ one who hooks us up with assignments and such. He’s one that sent me back to pick y’ll up. Field commander’s dead in the field. Yr friend said that I might be in danger, you any ideas on that?” He looked at her, now, attentively.
“Well..” she paused, shrugged, “we have a suspicion that the man you worked for..your paper commander, as it were, is truly working for the family.” She noticed the man pale significantly. “Ah, I see your acquainted with these people?”
He nodded faintly. “‘s hard not to be in my line of business, a man learns when not t’ ask questions. Y’gotta be a fool to mess with the family, or stupid.”
She hooked a slight smile at that. “Well call me stupid then.”
“Alright, then stupid.” He almost cracked a smile, even as she chuckled. “I don’t know what you’re thinking, but it’s downright suicide to mess with thems kinda people.”
“Well, let’s just say I’m a bit more durable than I look.”
He looked her over, arching an eyebrow, “A guns a gun, s’far as I’m concerned.”
“Guns don’t worry me too much.” He let out a disbelieving bark, before she continued, “it’s usually the things I don’t see or sense that worry me. If you were really sent out by the paper commander to get us…well you know how our supposed resting place turned out. Assassins worry me more than thugs. Thugs I can plan for, predict…”
He shook his head slowly, musing on his cup. “Its only human to worry about guns.” he muttered quietly.
She pursed her lips a bit, “well, I suppose it’s a good thing I’m not human then, eh?”
He looked up and stared at her for a moment, before she cleared her throat and flushed. “Ahhm, how about another round.”
Still pale, he nodded vigorously yes. She hailed the waitress, and another frothy mug was set in front of Mike.
“Well, stupid or not, and whatever else, we’ll need what help we can get. What can you tell me about your paper commander?”

“Well, rightly, not much miss. He generally gos around with two goons, usually carrying, though never visibly. Always wearin’ suits, respectable-like. The finely tailored kind, mind you, not the environmental kind.”

“What are they packing? plasma? Lazer? are they human, cyborg, db?”

“Ah, human, as far as looks go, but they’re always real covered up. Never had no reason to want to get into a scrap with them, so I don’t know what kinda guns they carry. If they’re part borg, its a good conversion, their hands are human-like. Th’ commander’s not much to look at, but I guess his brain works ok. He keeps all th’ paperwork and whatnot.”

She nodded, “And where does he keep his office?” She listened intently to his directions.

“Alright…well.. you know where my crew and I are if you think of anything that could help us… I’d highly suggest you lay low or join us for the course, entirely up to you. We could provide a sort of protection, or you can seek your own berth and safety.”

He cleared his throat and finished the beer. “Miss, no disrespect, but I’m thinkin’ your likes are gonna be too hairy for me. I’ll find my own way.”

“Wish I could help you more then. My contacts in this area aren’t exactly…in order yet,” she offered him an apologetic look.

“And I’m sorry about your other merc friend.” He went pale again, and nodded. She could see sweat beginning on his forehead. “But, I suppose it’s best we part ways now.” She rose, and left the chits for the tab on the table, before wandering off out of the inn. She wondered if Mike would last the week, much less if she would see him again. Nice enough, if a bit simple. Ah well, nothing for it, she turned and headed back towards the inn to reveal her information about their target to her companions.

A conversation

When Jake was done with “damaged goods” Maedbvh gently led him down into an inn not too far removed from their new abode. She graciously offered to buy him a pint even after the bartender gave her a second look, but decided he needed the coin more than he worried about the legality of letting someone clearly underage buy ale.
She handed “DG” a mug and sat down with her own. She couldn’t help but notice him watching her with a confused expression. “What?” She arched an eyebrow as he shook his head and sipped his ale.
“I thought you was just short, not….well…so young. Where’d you learn to fight like that?”
She chuckled and sniffed the ale before deciding it was unfit for human consumption. She settled for rolling the swill in the mug between her hands. “A few different places. I’m not sure you and I were properly introduced.” She paused, and considered her surroundings before she dropped her voice a few decibles and leaning his direction. “I’m sir Maedbvh.” She offered him a hand. She was hoping the casual atmosphere of the grubby tavern as well as her youth would put him more at ease, and therefore more willing to let things slip that he shouldn’t.
He did relax a little bit and look at her oddly. “I’m … Mike. But no sirs for me.” She shrugged. “I don’t really get a choice in the sir business. It was either sir or lady, and I’ve never considered myself much of a lady.” She half smiled, and ofered Mike her mug, seeing that he’d cleaned his out already.
“So, Mike…how did you get into business as a merc?”


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