Looks like an ordinary monkey, Even has the Skull-mask of the Coalition....

Name: Zoe Gender: Female
Race: Squirrel Monkey Age: 5
R.C.C. Mini Monkey Spy Height: 14in at full height
Alignment: Unprincipled Weight: 17.6oz
IQ: 7 PS: 10 Hit Points: 17
ME: 16 PP: 18 SDC: 20
MA: 15 PE: 17 PPE: 22
Spd: 16/32 PB: 17 Exp: 3100

Level 2

Natural Abilities Combat Bonuses
Swim- 30% Attacks per Melee 2
Climb- 95/90% +2 initiative
Acrobatics- 90% +2 dodge on ground; +4 in trees
Prowl- 56% +4 roll w/ impact
Identify “edible” plants- 80%
Leap 5ft up, 10ft across; dive up to 20ft
Prehensile Tail and feet
R.C.C. Skills Languages
Radio Basic- 55% Understand Common- 80%
Optic Systems- 35% Speak Common- 50%
TV/Video Surveillance- 25%
Pick Pockets- 30%
Land Navigation- 56%
Wilderness Survival- 45% Literacy
WP, Knife
R.C.C. Related Secondary Skills
Gambling- 30% Pick Locks- 35%
Escape Artist- 35%
Safe-Cracking- 25%

High-grade Organized Bomb making Kit
key-chain with 3 keys
1 grenade
2 explosives pack, Coalition grade
Poker card, 2 of Spades
2 flares
Pair of small binoculars
Small radio
Pen flashlight
Pocket mirror
Small canteen, shot-glass sized
Small backpack
Utility belt
Air filter.

Money: 19,741 dollars, and 2 coins


Family legacy has it that the remnants of Mini’s from both sides of the Conflict of Tolkeen made a pact to strive for survival. For generations they took what the Coalition had taught them and passed it down to their young, along with any skills and talents learned in extra. Here and now, almost five generations later, I am completely free, and seek to learn whatever I can to add to the legacy.


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