She tends to wear a hooded cloak, and veil over the lower part of her face, at all times. This combines with her somewhat reserved nature to make her seem rather distant.

Name: Vera Gender: Female
Race: Elf Age: Looks about Nineteen
O.C.C. Fire Sorcerer Height: 5ft 3in
Alignment: Unprincipled Weight: 113 lbs
IQ: 15 PS: 14 Hit Points: 20 (1D6)
ME: 16 PP: 24 SDC: 21
MA: 6 PE: 16 PPE: 86
Spd: 24 PB: 25 Exp:1650
Level: 2
Spells Fire Sorcerer Specials
Pluck and Handle Flame (4) 1 min/lvl Immune to Smoke
New Fire (1) requires two sticks Impervious to normal heat and fire
Fire Bolt (7) 4D6 MD or 1D6x10 SDC Impervious to brilliant light
Column of Smoke (3) 12ft/lvl
O.C.C. Skills Languages
Basic Math- 75% Elvish- 90%
Lore; Magic- 35% Russian- 98%
Cooking- 50% Euro- 90%
Brewing- 40/45% American- 90%
Land Navigation- 46%
Horsemanship- 50/40% Literacy
Archery & Targeting Elvish- 85%
WP, Knife Russian- 50%
Hand to Hand: Expert American- 40%
O.C.C. Related Secondary Skills
WP, Energy Pistol Athletics
First Aide- 45% Running
Wilderness Survival- 35% Dance- 35%
Sing- 40%
Prowl- 25% +5

Homemade Armor, 45 MDC (Made from Mega-damage pelts)
SDC Dagger, 1D6
Vibro Knife, 1D6 MDC
Energy Pistol….
Silver Kuznya Blade
Vampire Kit- Silver knife; silver cross; a mallet and six wooden stakes
Two medium sacks and a large backpack
language translator
notepad and five pencils
Old Photo

Money: 800 credits and 4000 in trade-able goods


Vera is a Fire Sorcerer straight from Russia. At least, that’s who she’s been for the last ten years. She was unconscious and half dead when the Fire Lord found her and brought her in from the Russian winter. She remembers almost nothing from before waking up in his home, not even her name. Feeling pity for the lost elf the sorcerer took her on as a student, teaching her far more than magic.

While Vera is both grateful and loyal to her master, her lost past has continued to haunt her. Now, with her master’s blessing, she plans to search for it. Her only clue, an old photo of a human man in body armor, holding his helmet as he smiles at the camera, the backdrop of a coalition city behind him. Who this man is, and whether or not he has any answers for her, are things only luck can help her find.

As a beautiful young elf with icy blue eyes and long silver tresses Vera is well aware of the fact that her exotic looks draw far too much attention. Thus the reason she tends to keep her hair pulled back, wear her hood up and cover her face with a veil.


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