Alexis’ parents always told her magic was dangerous. It would be the end of her. The coalition would find her and hunt her down, or some otherworldly monster would find her through the magic and enslave her for the rest of her days. Until that day in late June, she never really believed that.

Since she heard a passing scholar tell tales of magic and knowledge and the great things that could be achieved through them, Alexis had been obsessed with magic. At first all she could manage were simple parlor tricks. With no one to formally train her it took her months to figure out and develop even the simplest of spells. To keep her parents from finding out how far into the magical arts she had become involved, the first spells she focused on were silence and invisibility spells. She accidentally discovered the former and lost her voice for a week, as well as making her chair invisible rather than mending the legs. But as her abilities grew so did her ambition to perform greater feats of magic

A month before that fateful day she had managed to teleport herself across town. No one would have been the wiser had her clothes went with her, or had she enough power left to cast her invisibility. She contemplated waiting for nightfall, but as she was in an blocked off alley by the market, she feared she would be discovered anyway. Her parents were furious when they found out and punished her severely for daring to practice the forbidden arts behind their back.

It took Alexis that month to duplicate the spell. But when she did, a very interesting thing happened to her. Rather than merely teleport her, the magic of the summer solstice allowed her to make her first dimensional portal. Having never seen one before, she peered around it, than finally through it. It remained open for a while as she explored the alien world she had connected to, but suddenly without warning her portal vanished.

Then the otherworldly monster did find her.

Alexis survived a week on her own before he found her. She saw him before he saw her, a rare feat for anyone. She could see the power radiate from him. Frightening at first, she quickly realized that if anyone were to help her get home, it would be him.

Black Mage saw her potential immediately upon seeing her. Both because of her own slight radiance of power, but also because the plane they were on was not one that had humans in great numbers.

He questioned her about how she had gotten there. After telling him her life story, he asked her the question that would change her life. “Would you rather go home, or travel with me as my newest apprentice?” In both of their minds, there was clearly only one answer.

Right away he saw her strength was not in raw unadulterated power as his was. Her special talent was where her focus had been her entire life, in keeping herself and her true abilities hidden. A master of disguise, and unmatched ability to remain hidden led to her choosing the moniker Shadow. Always seen but never noticed.



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