Gary Richards

Mercenary turned syndicate strongman, partial conversion cyborg


IQ 12
ME 13
MA 9
PS 22 (robotic)
PP 17
PE 15 (robotic)
PB 9
SPD ??

This partial cyborg received his upgrades while working for a renowned mercenary unit in Merctown. After his devious commander left him and several squadmates out to dry just to complete a mission, he decided to disappear and search for a new employment opportunity. He found the Syndicate.
He was responsible for the team of thugs who made the first attempt to setup a syndicate presence in the academy.



His right arm is a 6 barreled laser gatling bionic design, created for heavy assault cyborgs. He somehow convinced his merc commander that he could handle it on a partial conversion frame. This is partiallly true, he has more than enough strength and dexterity to manipulate the weapon with incredible destructive efficiency, but the partial conversion power supply is not great enough to power the weapon. He can only fire a few bursts from it before he has to switch out it’s power supply. He carries at least one spare power supply for it at all times, but it doesnt use a standard e clip.

He’s great fan of explosives, his utility belt is almost always weighted with at least 3 grenades, and at least a small fusion block. (CS military grade explosive) Who his CS supplier is, has been a question many people have asked, including his former merc commander, and his current family employer, but if he’s ever told anyone, they haven’t lived long enough to spread the word.
Dont be supprised if he has other bionic weapons hidden in his mechanical parts, a hidden micro missile launcher would be right up his alley.

Gary Richards

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