Duke Richards

Doberman Dogboy, 5'6" tall, long snout, black and brown very short fur, no right hand


IQ 16
ME 12
MA 11
PS 21
PP 15
PE 19
PB 10
SPD 22

Deemed ‘defective’ by the lonestar state shortly after his creation, he was sentenced to die. Luck, fate, and a lab tech conspired to set him free instead. He was found shortly thereafter by renegade former mercenary Gary Richards. Gary raised Duke as his own son, and as such Duke has unfailing loyalty to Gary. As such, he has worked his own way into the Family as a strongman and now Gary’s top lieutenant. This rise through the ranks has angered some other family members, some feeling that hes only where he is because of his relationship with Gary, and that it’s not deserved.


After a brief confrontation with strange newcomers, Duke’s ‘father’ Gary Richards, was captured, and Duke was severely wounded. A very young cyber-knight offered him the opportunity to escape with his life, and he took it.
The loss of honor for leaving his ‘father’ in his time of need, might never be able to be repaid, but as soon as his wounds have healed, he will leave in search of Gary Richards, and soon thereafter, in search of the young cyber-knight whom he now blames for the ending of life as he knew it.

Duke Richards

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