Chu' Gil

Ogre Magi



IQ: 27 PP: 15 EXP: 2575
ME: 9 PE: 26 ISP:??
MA: 10 PB: 11 PPE:105
PS: 32 SPD: 20 $$ 500/300
HP: 42 SDC: 39

25% resistance to fire and ice/water
+2 vs disease
+32% vs coma/death
+6 save vs magic
+8 save vs Poison
Perception +3 in wild, -2 small towns, -4 large towns, -6 extremely large cities or places shut away from nature
Can not draw ppe from leylines or other beings but can from elementals

Large Size
+1 dodge
+2 Parry
-1 hit
+4 entangle
2X Melee Reach
+1 Roll with impact
+17 to damage (sdc)

Spells from ogre magi
At will
Darkness, invisibility, fly
once per day
Charm Person, cone of cold, gaseous form, polymorph, sleep
Fast heal 5
can reattach severed limbs

Elemental Fusionist
Sense fire of water elementals no cost, 100 ft radius
Flame Coat (8)
Firestorm (6)
Steam Bolt (3per blast)
Liquid Fire (4)
Fire & Water lungs (1)

Skills (IQ all skills +13%)
Speak with fire or water elemental 62%
Gobbely 88%
American 65%
Euro 65%
Climb 55%
Horsemanship General 40%
Lore: Farie Folk 25%
Intelligence 32%
Prowl 10%
Track Animals 40/50%
Track Humans 35%
Land Navigation 56%
Swimming 75%
Wilderness Survival 55%
WP Axe
WP Sword
WP Shotgun
Basic Math 50%
Detect Ambush 30%
Detect Concealment 25%
WP Paired Weapons
Hand to hand Expert
WP E rifle
WP E pistol
Advanced Math 45%
Recognize Weapon Quality 25%

Winter clothes
non winter hide clothing
2 canteens
3 weeks rations
50ft of rope
6 wooden stakes
Modded UAR Shell Armor 50/75
E rifle 3D6
E pistol 2D6
vibro axe 2D6
vibro sword 2D6
Big bore double barrel Shotgun 2D6 per barrel
2 spare eclips
large axe
hand axe
small mallet
Naruni Pistol 6 shooter + 50 extra rounds


Banishment. That we could handle. Go somewhere else and find new friends. Sounds easy enough. We never wanted to go back anyway.

Maybe, but I’ll miss the ale.

Quiet Gil, let me tell them the story.

Fine, hand me another beer then.

Anyway, we were well prepared for our banishment. Our kin didn’t want us around, and everything around reminded us of them anyway. Everybody got what they wanted. But ending up here means never being able to return. We know the magic. We know what it would take to return home to our time. We know it is virtually impossible.

Maybe you should back up Chu, they probably want to know why we were banished.

Why would they care about that?

If we were never banished then we would never have come here to begin with.

Fine but since you brought it up you can tell them about it.

Fine, but only because you get all squeamish when you talk about it.

(More coming eventually

Chu' Gil

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