Marl Harris

Businessman, all professional, fast talking car salesman type


Rumored to have ties to The Family, this man is well placed in the Worth society. He isn’t an official member of the government, but he is close friends with the King, and is seen publicly at nearly every notable government function. He is responsible for all imports and exports in Worth where they pertain to the Black Market. None of his public wares are considered strictly illegal, he even pays his taxes on time.

Currently operating under the alias of “Aaron Blackstar”

Very recently a small number of travelers have begun a rumor that he might be involved in a slave trade ring. There is currently no evidence to support this, and considering his connections, it would have to be rock solid evidence, but should he be made publicly known as a slaver he would likely be executed. Worth might not have the same view on morality and law as some of the other kingdoms, but anyone interfering with a sentient’s right to a free life forfeits thier own.


Marl Harris

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