Amateur Info Hunters

transportation debacle

The party realized that they had a little over a day and a half to cover over a hundred miles, the only member with a vehicle was Maedvh and her horse aedghal and no one knew how to operate any kind of vehicle. There was some disagreement about who should be contacted about the party getting a ride, suggestions included revisiting the disgruntled bomb tech from the raven knights, getting a ride with the raven convoy itself, hiring a third party mercenary, hiring a taxi, buying horses for the party, renting a truck and attempting to drive it ourselves, and waiting for next weeks convoy.
Once again, the party failed to reach one viable conclusion to satisfy all comers, so Jake and Chugil opted for one path, while vera and maedvh opted for another. Now there will be two vehicles headed out to the meeting point before the convoys, one a raven knights vehicle commandeered from HQ by an angry but cooperative Horace, and the other a vehicle is sponsored by Goon Squad, a rival of the Ravens who has struggled for business ever since the Ravens got the unofficial favored status they now enjoy with the king.



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