Amateur Info Hunters

To: Nick Bearstormer

An excerpt from Maedvh's Journal

Sir Bearstormer,

I know you are following me, on my trail. This letter is to inform you of the information we have managed to gather.
Aaron Blackstar, the adviser to King James II of Worth, is a member of the Family. This has been proven without a doubt by a combination of the Mercenary group the Raven Knights, and a contract lifted by my compatriot Zoe.
They are smuggling goods or slaves (we don’t know which) into Worth. They’ve also ambushed a peaceful ambassador from the Coalition. Of course, I’ve alerted the Coalition to the presence of the Family in Worth, and I believe they will be seeking a time in which to remove Blackstar (at least) from the equation.
I believe the city of Worth is in need of aid, but I am not capable of doing what is necessary. I know you are up to the task, and to set your mind at ease about my safety, I will inform you of my current plans and direction in the hopes that you will take the time to help Worth.
Currently, we are following some leads that head back towards Coalition territory. I know how much you love dealing with Coalition so it is my hope that you will not follow. I am in the company of Jake, the (human?) ghoster, Chu’Gil, the ogre mage, Vera, the fire Mage, and Zoe, the monkey-spy.
I know you disagree with my choice of action, and I hope in time you will understand my reasoning, and perhaps forgive me. I will always be your student, if not your friend.

::attatched is a copy of the contract between the Raven Knights and Aaron Blackstar, as well as a full detailed report on the conversation with Joris. ::



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