Amateur Info Hunters

Tthe Tour

Jake opts to guard the safehouse while the rest of the party attends the monthly public tour of the castle and grounds. Chugil decides to make himself useful by asking questions with both heads, as fast as he can come up with them. His questions start out as inane distractionary attempts, but as he gets the tour guide talking, he started asking more and more loaded questions. Maedvh made herself useful by staying under the radar and photographing everything like a good tourist… with special attention to the king’s advisor Aaron Blackstar, and the castle layout and security.
Vera had a flash of recognition for a sleazy looking man whom the tour guide identified later as Bax T. Abby, a mission organizer associated with Armageddon Unlimited.
Vera has no idea how she knows this man, only that she was very afraid that he might look up at any moment and recognize her, and that would be somehow very bad for her. She quickly decided that ducking her head and continuing on with the tour like nothing was wrong was the best way to avoid drawing attention.
Zoe wandered off on her own to recon the areas of the castle that the tour did not cover. Using her espionage skills and her natural agility, and with the aid of chu’gil’s distractions, Zoe got away easily from the party and managed to avoid most of the castle security while investigating the royal chambers, and the communications center; quick thinking got her out of the trouble caused by tripping one alarm. She however, remains trapped in the castle, after the tour ended, and the rest of the party was guided back off the premises.



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