Amateur Info Hunters

Journal of White Mage, Black Mages Evil Twin

Journal Day 1: I stepped through the portal into a vast room. There were others there, but the man directly in front of me was far too familiar. He explained to me that though he had contemplated trying to contact a parallel universe before, but never really had the opportunity. There was only one issue. Part of the spell had backlashed, and my memory was shot. I could remember my magic, but nothing from my history or own personal life. I could tell immediately that this man would be my equal, and decided to learn from him as much as I can to try to rebuild my memory.

Journal Day 10: His mastery over people is impressive. They all seem to follow his direction without question. Has he dominated them? Has he simply manipulated part of their minds so that they believe he is actually good? He knows he can’t hide from me, and I can figure out what his overall plan is. He wants to rule the world. This bothers me. Not that I think I would be better ruling his world, but how can he just decide he should rule over all. Thoughts like this, make me feel like I might be . . . good?

Journal Day 14: He has seen my thoughts. I don’t know when or how, but he has suddenly distanced himself from me. He knows I’m on to him, and I need to flee before he stops my access to the portal rooms.

Journal Day 23: I have found allies to attempt to take him from his academy. I was uneasy at first, but I think they have proven their worth, and I should do my best to help them defend themselves against the menace that is my double in this world.

Journal Day 26: I have seen it in their eyes as well. The evil within. I need to find myself a place to hide away, and prepare to save them all from themselves.

Journal Day 28: I knew what their reaction would be, except that of my twin. I sent the communications to all of them. They were all shocked and extremely upset, but not unexpected. BM’s surprised me, he didn’t say anything. He simply sighed and ended the communication. Not like they can stop me. There is no way they can find me where I am. Soon enough they will be saved from their own evil.

Journal Day 31: He forced me to do it. He found my hiding place. I should have known he could think like me and find me. His team wiped out my defenses. I knew I couldn’t handle all of them. Luckily they weren’t prepared for the spell chamber to have the trap door into the molten lava. With my archenemy gone, I can now easily finish my work and destroy this entire plane of existence.



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