Amateur Info Hunters

battle 2

The Party traveled in two borrowed vehicles with two coerced drivers to the midway fort, in order to intercept the weekly convoy for Worth. The plan concocted primarily by Jake was to scout the area, plant mines in the approach route, that was marked by a notable lack of debris in an otherwise ruined area, then wait around in the bushes and trees that lined the roadway.

Maedvh led a scout/assault mission into the midway fort with only hiredgun1 as her support. She destroyed one robotic defensive emplacement, and bypassed the outer wall, then checked over the supplies, looting one suit of medium weight body armor, and a half dozen E-clips which she later dispensed mostly to Jake.

Full on ambush ensued with the arrival of the convoy. They had already taken some rather obvious battle damage, so when an organized ambush awaited where they thought to be finally safe, most of them just tried to cut and run on foot, hoping to radio and be rescued later. After a few seconds of combat, when the ambush party was revealed to be vastly outnumbered, most of the fleeing drivers/guards took cover and returned fire. One driver, and one badly wounded guard are all that survived the battle.

Three of the vehicles had functional weapons in hidden overhead emplacements, all were destroyed during the battle. 3 of the vehicles suffered disabling damage, and will need replacement parts/tires before they can be moved, and a fourth was on fire after seconds of battle, none are as yet completely destroyed.



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