Amateur Info Hunters

asking "politely"

As discussed, the party split once again to pursue multiple goals at one time. Maedvh wanted to ask the new leader of the Raven Knights politely about what they were up to, and anything he might know about Aaron Blackstar. Jake wanted to ask the same questions… but with a fist.

Jake and Chugil went to the home of the new second in command, a paper pusher from a rundown appartment complex on the wrong side of town, with no notion at all what physical security should look like. Jake snuck in, while chugil waited outside the door for the guy to return home from work. Chugil followed him up to his appartment, while invisible, blocking the exit. Jake waited for the man to relax, then popped out of his TV set scaring the man half to death.
Between Jake’s fear tactics, and Chugil’s reappearance, the man cried for his life, and answered every question put to him with a high pitched whiney stammer.
They learned that this guy didnt know all the info they wanted, but that the Ravens were responsible for Aaron’s shipments into town from the coalition territories, and that there was a seventh truck never accounted for on official reports.

Maedvh hatched a plan B on her way over to the home of the new commander, a scrawny business suit named Joris, just in case he decided to try something stupid. He failed to recognize the two women from the news cast a few nights previous, and instead presumed that he was entertaining a few overly curious weirdos from some reporter agency. He grew suspicious at the pointed questions about the Ravens shady dealings and the possibility that the Ravens premier client might be a member of the notorious “Family”, but Maedvh convinced the man that he had nothing to fear from the girls.
Joris decided that if the girls and Aaron ended up on opposite sides of a disagreement, it could only end in his favor, so he let go his reservations, and told them all that he knew about the Ravens current situation with Aaron. The only solid proof they have of Aaron’s questionable dealings is a signed contract linking Aaron to the weekly shipments of goods from the coalition territories to the north. Joris further explained that only 6 trucks originate from Fort Eldorado (coalition megacity/fortress), and about the “ghost truck” that joined the convoy south after it left coalition territory, and before it entered the Ravens jurisdiction, and how that truck never enters the official records anywhere, and no Raven is known to have ever seen the contents. He also explained how the convoy is protected half the journey by small local squad of mercs based in the coalition border town of Jurgen, and that the midway meeting point is a lightly fortified position over what used to be a settlement.
The identifying feature of the settlement is a 35ft tall sign post, holding a sign that shows a black 66 in front of a red and white backdrop. the buildings around this ‘settlement’ were once decrepit, but have been rebuilt and stocked so that either merc corp could be delayed by inevitable encounters with unfriendly forces, and the other group could hold up for a while on neutral ground.
Joris ended the evening by wishing the crazy ladies luck with their goals, only recognizing maedvh’s wanted status after she redonned her helmet, he decided not to press his luck unarmored against someone who could apparently flaunt a coalition wanted add.

Meanwhile, Zoe manages a daring escape from the castle by sneaking into the kitchens, and stowing away in a packing container used to bring in the nights feast. As the trash was taken out, so was she, and a short while later Zoe managed to make it back to the empty hideout while the rest of the party ran their errands.

  • That night, the Worth news buletin announced the arrival of an old but very well known Cyberknight known as Nick, the Bearstormer.



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