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May 26, 2014 3:41pm

Testing out a new ability for this campaign, it is currently under development. I’m going to call it spell hold for the time being. The theory being that mages trained in Dweomer City specialize in hide, misdirect, and ambush tactics. So to that end, all mages trained there (for this campaign anyways) have the ability to cast an instant speed incantation ahead of time, with a short tail on the end of the spell that delays it’s ignition until the caster is ready. So a caster could in theory ready several fireball spells from behind cover, then pop out for a few seconds and release them all at once.

Spell rules as follows. (may be edited later)

only 1 spell at lvl 1 as the technique is difficult to master. One additional spell at levels 4,8,12, 16, and 20. (DC 0,10,15,20,25)

So a level 1-3 mage might as well just stand in the open, as he can cast as fast as he can control the spells; but a level 20+ epic mage might spend a whole melee behind a large boulder preparing a wave of 6 destructive spells, then step out from cover on his 7th action and throw all 6 of them at once.

The difficulty in maintaining several spells at once, means that to contain several instant speed spells, the Mage will have to make a difficulty check, based on how many spells they have already in waiting, and what their current level of experience is. (it gets easier with practice) (GM reserves the right to adjust DC up or down based on situation)

So for Example, a lvl 4 mage casting a second spell (DC 10 – lvl) has to roll a 6 or higher on a D20 to successfully hold a second spell, whereas a level 9+ mage just has to not roll a 1.

April 20, 2014 8:57pm

Phase 1: the Introduction.

The ‘King’ gathers all the party members out of the best and brightest of his divisions of government and military, informs them that he is attempting to build a team to take on the greatest and most important quest in the history of the Federation. In order to be sure that he’s got the right team for the job, and to familiarize the characters with each other and thier own abilities, he will send the party on a test mission or two.
(time line 2-5 sessions)

Phase 2: By Hook or by Crook

Successful completion of the tests assures the king that he’s got the right crew for the job, and he explains the details and purpose of the quest. The party sets forth to accomplish the end purpose of their king, by any means necessary.
The quest involves an extended tour to each kingdom, city-state, and faction stronghold affiliated with the Federation in any way.
(timeline 3-10+ sessions per location visited)(9 locations at current count)
(dependent on how much game time has passed during the accomplishment of phase 2, GM reserves the right to add a few diplomatically friendly foreign countries to the kings list before moving on to phase 3)

Phase 3: Doom &/or Death

Based on how the party completed phase 2, and how successful they were, GM will adjust the difficulty of the game moving forward. The kingdom will likely be invaded, and the party will be front and center directing the action.
(timeline 1-5 sessions)

Total time of Storyarc, 30-100+ weeks, assuming 1 session per week

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