Amateur Info Hunters

To Whom it May Concern

An Excerpt from Maedvh's Journal

Mr. Jenkins.
I apologize first and foremost for not addressing you by proper order, I did not catch your assigned status within the Coalition Hierarchy.
It has come to my attention that the information I sought on one Aaron Blackstar, member of the Family, can hopefully be verified through one Joris. He is newly appointed leader of the Raven Knights. His knowledge on Blackstar was limited (due to his short term in office), but he was willing to give me tips on certain “suspicious” ghost shipments coming and going from the Coalition State. The shipments join the legitimate Coalition transport near Jurgen. I will be following up on the specifics of this lead.
It behooves me to remind you that I have no solid proof as yet as to Aaron Blackstar’s involvement in any of this, but should you be admitted to HRM’s (his royal majesty’s) court, here is his description. (she describes Blackstar in detail in the following paragraph).
With any luck the next update sent your way will have solid evidence.

Sir Maedvh



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