Amateur Info Hunters


An excerpt from Maedvh's journal

Late night watch patrol. I took the least desirable (halfway through the night) to keep an eye on our truck. It’s quiet here in Jurgen, and today has been eventful. The journaling will help keep me from falling back asleep.
Today we completed the mission against the vehicle convoy coming to the Ravens. There’s no sense denying it was basically a slaughter. I’m fairly certain I ended the lives of some 6 citizens (I didn’t stop and check to see if they were male or female), and aided in the death of the rest, save for the two (?) that we managed to salvage from the debacle.
Not that these were upright moral men, mind you, but…surely there must have been a better answer? I’m sure this is something every cyberknight deals with at some point, and they had ample time to surrender themselves to us. Still, I regret those lives I took and the ones that yet linger may still yet die. Jake and I continue to be at odds in how we deal with things, and I suspect this will be an ongoing battle. No surprise there, really.
We managed to get the survivor and the wounded to Jurgen with Jake driving without too much difficulty, though I was surely praying to whichever Goddess happened to be listening at the time to see us through Jake’s initial gambit with the truck. We managed to find a competent doctor (surprisingly) in the town’s bar and he managed to stabilize the wounded victim. We’ll let the other man stew for a bit while I figure out what exactly we need from him. Perhaps he can be persuaded to join us? I’d certainly hate to have to kill both of them when we’re finished, and that hardly seems the morally correct option.
sigh Maybe He was right, but I’d never admit it, and having him standing over my shoulder to make these moral decisions for me wouldn’t help anyways. It’s something I’ll have to face sooner or later, and I think I’m prepared for it, though…maybe no one ever is.
I have to admit I miss being at home, just a bit.



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