The Family Venture

A personal vendetta motivates a multi-milionaire fugitive of the Coalition Empire to fund a hunt for information. The powerful mage, known as Jak, specifically requested inexperienced adventurers to track down the names, and locations of the bosses of the crime syndicate known as The Family. The logic behind that request being two fold. First, experienced adventurers generally have a reputation, and as such will attract more attention, which Jak wants to avoid. Second, as a known wealthy and powerful mage, none of his enemies would expect him to use ‘cheap’ labor for something this personal.

The Campaign begins with Jak rounding up an adventure party with no experience but a wide range of skills and talents, and sending them out to investigate the best lead he has linking back to the Family. A man by the name of Gary Richards operating out of the lonestar territory, who sponsored the Family’s attempt to build a branch of the syndicate in The Academy.

Amateur Info Hunters

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